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About company - SOLARSKY | fishing boats, rowing boats, motor boats, kayaks, canoes, water bikes, playgrounds - production and sales


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tel.: +48 504 228 738
tel./fax: +48 (87) 643 67 27





Our company is located in North East Poland, in the town of Augustów, which is home to the largest boat building companies in the country.

   We specialise in the manufacture of recreational and working boats. Our products  are all made from fibre glass materials. This is a tried and  tested method of boat production and will continue to be so for many years. New technology allows the use of stronger and lighter materials and this can only be benificial to the customer. Please note that similar materials are presently been used for aircraft production.We design, produce and use our own moulds and therefore we are in a position to alter the design of our craft at short notice. Our range of boats increases each year, presently we manufacture canoes, kayaks, rowing boats (Ideal for fishing,angling), our latest motor boat, pedaloes, pirogues. In due course we will be making further moulds and increasing our range of products. We also have have the expertise and capacity to produce moulds for other fibreglass products We can also supply ancillary items such as oars, paddles, canoe seats and further items for kayaks. Fibre glass is a very versatile material and it has many uses, so if you have any ideas  about a particular product, no matter how way out it may seem, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try and help you out. I hope that this webpage will not be too boring and that you will enjoy reading it. Blame the webdesigner !. Please note that we are looking for dealers for our products.


We also manufacture a range of outdoor playground equipment using fibre glass materials for products such as slides, platforms, roofs and animal shapes. These items are incorporated into a variety of wooden framed structures. The wooden structures used are either square beams or round logs. On certain items we also use recycled plastic board ranging from 12-18 mm thickness and more recently recycled eko wood. The major advantage of using synthetic materials in the design and construction process is that as whole they tend to keep their bright colours and therefore make the play equipment more attractive for children. This has always been one of our fundamental aims, using bright colours to attract kids. The use of a brightly coloured double slide in a wooden construction will always stimulate children. More recently, we have also started using stainless steel products. The use of different materials in play equipment develops a childs sense of touch and feel . Using different textures and surfaces, the child will learn which materials have certain advantages. We will continue to follow this philosophy and utilise any innovative materials that may come onto the market. We design products on an individual basis, that means no two products are ever the same , because we are constanly striving to improve, after installing a piece of equipment, we regularly review this product and the materials that we have used and then decide whether it needs improving. Some of our items are CE certified  and for others we are waiting for certification. Presently we feel that in the new member countries of the EU , there exists a certain level of confusion and misunderstanding relating to European play area standards and that some of the institutions offering certification require further guidance and advice from more experienced authorities.


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