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Playgrounds - SOLARSKY | playgrounds, slides, seesaws, playground sets, platforms, roofs, bicycle stands - production and sales


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tel.: +48 504 228 738
tel./fax: +48 (87) 643 67 27




Undoubtedly, after seeing the projects and playgrounds made of our company, you will reach the conclusion that these are very colorful equipment.

Our company places special emphasis on attractiveness, color and safety on the playground. Our production sets are sets of amazing hue of colors. Items made by our company are incredible possibilities of arrangement of colors, ranging from painting bright colors, and finishing the painting completely abstract colors or drawings (slides, platforms, canopies, plastic composite boards for the possibility of arranging inscriptions, drawings).

We are a forerunner in this field, every color project we can accomplish. As the only structural elements are made of stainless steel (no items requiring maintenance-painting).

Our company values ​​the direct contact with the customer. This allows us to adapt to the individual needs of customers ranging from design to manufacture and service and warranty protection. Materials used in production are certified.

In the interests of children, youth and disabled people using the equipment manufactured by our company proponujmy site inspection, and training of the person having supervision of the playground equipment. After an initial viewing the site on which you want to put a playground or equipment, we make a project which will be released in a precise manner reliability, aesthetics, color and trim details. Please note that items produced by our company can add
and configured in many ways.

During the design, manufacture and installation of appropriate standards apply Polish Committee for Standardization. Our products meet European standards. We have some products TUV.


  • Components are made of four sides planed timber
  • Crease with milled cross-section 90mm x 90mm, or logs with a diameter of 100mm / 80mm / 60mm. Pressure impregnated with antifungal preparations (color on request)
  • Planed boards from both sides milled crease
  • Elements to be called. Quick service-painted four times the color layer of waterproofing

Rubber - metal
  • Rubber elements reinforced with steel plates

  • All galvanized fasteners.
  • Bolts used by our company have increased strength in the class of 8.8 (the so-called structural steel)
  • Nut self locking nuts secured by masking elements or coated with plastics
  • Handrails, barriers, railings, made of galvanized steel, powder
  • Construction of the base steel plates are secured by 3-fold anti-corrosion layer

Polyester staple fiber
  • All components are made of reinforced polyester filament fabric
  • Tinted
  • Canopies, platforms, benches, slides

  • Concrete blocks

The price includes-project, guarantee executed by an employee of our company (by prior arrangement details.)

All elements of the structures have been designed and developed by our company.


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