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  • Length: 485 cm
  • Beam: 85 cm
  • Weight: 28-30 kg
  • Crew: 2-3 persons

The history of the canoe is associated with North American culture, it is probably one of the best things that ever came out of America. The image of the lone wanderer wearing his Davy Crockett hat paddling for days on end with a wooden paddle in one hand and a musket in the other on big rivers is potrayed in many a film. The excitement and freedom of this type of activity is a dream that many water enthusiasts yearn for. However why not attempt to recreate it in your own backyard, a murky canal may not quite be the same but on the other hand ! The design of this canoe has not changed since we first started production several years ago, it is stable, has a keel, which makes it fast and keeps a straight line, it has comfortable webbed seats and plenty of storage space for barrel loads of beef jerky and beans. This model can be made in a two or three seat version. The seats are made out of hardwood and all metal fittings are stainless steel. This canoe is also unsinkable as it has three air chambers.
  • Canoe STANDARD 485
  • Canoe STANDARD 485
  • Canoe STANDARD 485


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